Sunday, June 7, 2009

a few new photos

Finally! I few new photos from the month of May. One of our current favorite activities is eating smores around an evening bonfire either at home in our backyard or up at the cabin. The days have been nice and we are enjoying being outside as much as possible.

Here is a great shot of grady. He now gets around pretty darn fast by doing the army crawl. He especially loves doors and playing hide and seek behind them.
Zoey with some epic bed head.
The other day I was busy putting stuff away in grady's room and Zoey walked in looking like this. She loves dress up and playing wedding. She told our neighbor Parker the other day that he could be the groom. He agreed to play along but only if they could play when "nobody was looking".
Zoey, her teacher, and two classmates on her last day of preschool.


  1. hellooooo! love the photos, your children crack me up. i have a lot to say to you, i will just email you :)

  2. grady has so much hair! love the photos too--and love you :)

  3. In reply to your comment on my blog:

    Thank you! Thank you! Fingers Crossed!