Friday, August 6, 2010

We love summer!

Before the it slips away, (hard for me to even say) I am going to add a few photos of some summer fun. I keep making the mistake of looking at other blogs and then feeling out of my league for posts but I refuse to be intimidated. I am hoping it is just fun for some of you so see how our family is growing and changing. It has been a great summer.
Right after we tore up our driveway, it rained for 3 days! We made the best of it.
A snapshot with Elmo and Telly at Sea World in San Diego. The dolphins were cool too but Sesame Street celebrities stole the show!
Love that great Pacific Ocean!
Ice Cream at the cabin...... is there anything better?!
And going back to the beginning, this was our first corn on the cob for the summer! Grady LOVED it.
Hope you are enjoying summer too.

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