Thursday, March 5, 2009

back to the park

I just learned that if you want a photo to be first on your blog you have to add the photos in reverse order.  I wanted this one to be first.  Oh well.  After our walk in rain boots we put Zoey's snow clothes on and headed back to the park.  Yes, Grady is really a big boy for 5 months - but it doesn't help that I was holding the camera up and he was closest.  The park was fun and it gave me hope that Spring might come again....


  1. hurrah for a blog from the peters family! love the pictures--can't believe that huge baby boy!

  2. oh, and isn't that picture order thing annoying? i still always forget about it and get frustrated. it kind of looks like grady is holding the camera, haha!
    come on, spring!