Sunday, March 22, 2009

sunny California


                                                       "the bruiser"
After starting this blog - I had to abandon ship for a few weeks.  We are back.  We took a trip to California last week to visit my parents.  The kids did great on the plane and we had a really fun time re acquainting ourselves with the sunshine and soaking in the vitamin D.  My eyes seriously had to adjust to the lush green colors.  We went on a great hike, played at lots of parks, and spent time with family and friends.  We all seemed to come back to life.  Grady was called a "bruiser" on several occasions.  He could not really hide all his roles under winter gear in California.  As soon as we arrived Zoey kicked off her shoes and said, "Mama, it is SO nice here you could go running everyday!"  I guess she knows what her mamma likes.  We are now back, refreshed and ready to enjoy the spring.  Although the grass is not green yet, hope is in the air.  

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  1. ah, sun! so glad you had a wonderful trip. that boy is huge! can't wait to see you all again.